Harry Potter 4



It is possible to have a great Harry Potter tourism experience in … Japan. Japan has virtually nothing to do with the novels (although there is a Quidditch team called the Toyohashi Tengu, which is mentioned in Quidditch Through the Ages). However, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is in Universal Studios Japan in the city of Osaka. This is a faithful reproduction of the original Wizarding World in Orlando, Florida. It is somewhat ironic that the two main theme parks related to Harry Potter are in places that barely feature in the books/films (although Fantastic Beasts is clearly providing locations for an American audience). But that is the nature of a theme park: the geographical location of the park does not need any specific connection to the contents to provide an enjoyable experience for fans. Perhaps the theme parks are better off outside the UK because because if they were in the UK they would face too much competition for visitors from the “real sites”!

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