The International Journal of Contents Tourism (IJCT) is a little different to other academic journals. In addition to academic articles by researchers, we publish short articles called Postcards from fans and tourists. A Postcard is a photograph accompanied by a short article (maximum 300 words, minimum 100 words, Instructions for submissions in Japanese).Anyone can contribute! If you are a fan of a work of popular culture (movie, drama, anime, computer game etc.) or of an artist (musician, novelist, manga artist etc.), and if you have traveled to a place related to that work and/or artist, please send us a Postcard! We want to hear where you have been, what you have done, your motivations for traveling, and how travel has furthered your interest in the artist or work of popular culture. Our aim is to create a database of fans’ voices to understand better the travel motivations and behaviours of popular culture fans.

Submit your Postcard via the contact form. It can be in English or Japanese, although the work of popular culture, artist and tourist site you discuss may be from anywhere in the world. The Postcard will be reviewed by the editorial team before being posted and its publication will be announced via social media (Facebook and Twitter).

We look forward to receiving your Postcards!

Philip Seaton and Takayoshi Yamamura

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Postcard submissions to IJCT must be the original work of the contributor. By submitting a postcard you declare that you are not infringing the copyright, privacy or rights of any other individual or organization. The photograph must be your own photo, or one for which you have received permission to use on IJCT from the copyright holder(s).

The editors-in-chief of IJCT reserve the right to trim the photograph to fit the journal’s format and to edit the text of the postcard for language. Postcards will be rejected if the content is deemed unsuitable for any reason.

The publication of the postcard will be announced via social media.

A key purpose of the Postcards is to create a database of fan voices. Contributors accept that the contents of their postcards (including the photographs) may be used by others for the purpose of academic research. All citations from the Postcard and reuse of the photograph will properly acknowledge the source using the name provided upon submission of the Postcard.