Tokyo Tower



Taking inspiration from the film Love in Tokyo, 1966- I visited the gigantic Tokyo Tower. I was always interested in visiting this place because of 2 associations. One was because I am a big fan of Bollywood classics, as I have grown up watching them and listening to the songs with my father. Love in Tokyo was one of the huge blockbusters, of the golden era of Hindi cinema and Indians to-date associate the film with the Tokyo tower.
Secondly, I also clearly remember how I used to come home from school and watch Shinchan (the Japanese cartoon), on Indian television in Hindi language while having my lunch. Those memories came back when I personally visited the Tokyo Tower. To my surprise, I even recalled one of the dialogues from Shinchan, where he says…”Mom mom, dekho maine Tokyo Tower banaya hai” (Hindi for…”Mom mom, look I built the Tokyo Tower”). It is interesting how place and contents associate themselves, and how powerful these associations can be!
And as expected, I did not see many Indians there.

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