Licca-chan’s small castle



Typhoon came to Japan. It was raining cats and dogs outside. However, I headed for Licca-chan’s small castle again. In this time, I could transfer easily, cause my Korean friend told me the direction.
When I saw the door opened, I almost cried. I felt like I was back in middle school student. Many Licca and Jenny dolls welcomed me. Among them, there was a special edition of Nihonbashi Licca chan dressed like Ginza’s “modern” girl. Licca-chan shop in Tokyo was a branch of Licca castle in Fukushima. While usual Licca dolls of Takara Tomy company made in China, dolls in this shop made in Fukushima.
Taking a photo is prohibited, but the salesperson told me OK except the photo of the sales goods. Therefore, I could remain a precious memory in here!! Lucky!! Still pouring outside, but it was a fantastic day.

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