Godzilla vs Basho



As I wandered from Shinjuku station looking for my Tokyo hotel, I was not aware of its iconic nature. After passing the ubiquitous Robot Restaurant, I turned a corner and looked to the end of Godzilla Street (which should have given me a hint), and saw him – Godzilla high up on a terrace of my hotel! “Only in Japan”, I thought…

I’d just finished a walking tour based on the famous poet, Matsuo Basho and was still walking in his 350+-year-old footsteps in my mind through Edo, not Tokyo, totally unprepared for this experience. I was dragged back into today’s pop culture world where fantastic creations are realised through animatronics, robotics, anime and cosplay.

All of these creative forms come together in Tokyo, resulting in a rich, if at times bizarre, experience.

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