A Life of Political Cartoons



I live in a beautiful seaside village in Victoria, Australia, where we can come across artists, musicians, writers and other creative people living quietly away from the gaze of others. One was a much-loved cartoonist, Ron Tandberg, whose simple, insightful and at times challenging work appeared every day in our daily newspaper, “The Age”, for over forty years. I would often look at his cartoon before reading the news item on which it was based as it often told me more truth than the written journalistic piece. Or, I would read the article and then see that Tandberg was thinking exactly what I was about it. Such is the power and liberty of the cartoonist. He died a few months ago, and this memorial was recently erected on a beautifully positioned boardwalk that goes nowhere, finishing abruptly in a small platform on the sand – a place for contemplation and consideration of all of the content of Tandberg’s work. What a touching memorial in a quiet spot, presenting tourists with a genuine surprise and gift.

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